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They presented the 19. century Spanish frigate treasures

The reporters a small fraction of the findings presented Friday, including two gold, 12 silver coin, and a dohányszelencét bronzcsörlőt tekinthettek. According to the Spanish Ministry of culture, a part of the treasures of the museums will be issued next year. The Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes frigate 1804. sank on 5 October, the British off the coast of Portugal, near the Strait of Gibraltar. Two hundred years later, it was discovered in 2007 at the Odyssey Marine Exploration for deep sea research firm the wreck divers, whose stomach almost 600 thousand silver and gold coin was brought to the surface. The 14.5-ton cargo of the estimated 500 million dollars at the time of finding. The treasures were shipped to Florida, from where it was in February, five years after Spain and the litigation: the u.s. Court refused the Odyssey Marine Exploration in support of his claim, which is held in the reported, or at least a part of it. The gold and silver found in the hajóroncsban also have been held in Peru on the grounds that the precious metals are mined in the area, when the country was still part of the Spanish world Empire. According to Madrid, however, the coins other than Perun latin American countries also were beaten, in addition to the importance of the historical, archaeological aspects of the real.

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