The middle ages

The Vikings had fun brutally

Although the Vikings from Scandinavia to the constant on huntings life too hard, physical work, sometimes in the North have also been required to rest. This will be followed, from Aberdeen University indicate Gardela, who has so far unearthed archaeological finds and the viking to narratives (saga) was looking for the answer to the Vikings in what way he was dead at the time, and not once. The young researcher painted vivid images of the Vikings-everydays. As it turned out, the medieval Gardela prospecting activities is not much different from warriors to modern patterns of entertainment, but it is striking that while these activities often have frusztrációjukat off, which often result in violence. Forms of illegal activity by the Vikings have in common is violence, and the highlight was demonstrating the masculine qualities. According to the written sources of the "ideal" viking man must be strong and skilled, the game is precisely this training. "The games were physical activities, sometimes brutal, not a pleasure, which ended in death or serious injury," said el Gardela. For example, sagájából Asmundarson Grettis also know that the Vikings have fared a lot, but it was popular as well as the kőemelés, which was similar to the modern weighraise. The Vikings are fine with sports by places in the ball games, known as knattleikr. These body against body, sometimes bloody, sometimes during a cricket or baseball used racquets are reminiscent of the toy can be unearthed. However, they are not much the holmgarðr or holmgarðir to the rules of the game, but we learn from them, that the Vikings quite roughly. This saga of Egill Skallagrımsson shows, which turns out to be an average of 12 years younger than him, but the family of Egill stronger players stare down, and when looking at a weak moment lost his temper with his opponent, who had at first even with infuriated his partner. However, Egill is back, but this time baltájával was murdered in cold blood, and then the boy. In addition to the activities based on a strong body of course were the intellectual activities, such as the table games. The archaeologists have found several times lately on such games as hajósírokban, suggesting that the fighters at the múlatták so at the time. The table games sagákban and also appear in verses, which describe the viking nobles were the players, the tournament is definitely a kitűnés to the social hierarchy is determined by its position. The binge was often known as sörivásukról ivászatokat, in which Vikings Gardela, according to research, women also participated, although not as often as members of the szebbik were present in this illustrious event. But the stories that became known as sagas together with the Northern warriors dance and performances have entertained themselves and a small number of audiences.

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