Evidence was found according to Phenjan onto the existence of the unicorn

North Korean KCNA appeared on a state news agency's website with an English language the news, that the archaeologists of Tudományos Akadémia Történeti Intézet found the hollow in which it is an ancient ruler, Tongmjong, Kogurjo kingdom (B. C. 277- A. D. 668) his unicorn lived for his founder.
Jo Huj Szung an excavation leader told it to the news agency making a statement: the Korean coursebooks mention the unicorn, than existing animal, on which Tongmjong is a king, ridden. The discovery proves that Phenjan was Kogurjo though a kingdom's capital, in one the centre of ancient Korea.


Do not want Pompeji from Herculaneum 

Ancient Herculaneum on Ercolano city area, in Italy Campania province can be found. The legend keeps it in such a way that Hercules returning from Iberian Peninsula founded the city.It seems the most probable explanation however, that the ancient Greeks laid the bases of the settlement down it B. C. in 4. century (Herculaneumot first the philosopher, scientist Theophrasztosz mentions it i. this. in 314, at this time yet Herakleion on a name), then the samneses, the settlement managing four thousand residents at the time of Vezuvius eruption got under the authority of the Roman ones though later.At the city lying between the Naples and Pompeji A. C. an earthquake ravaged in 63, 79. August on 24 though eruptive Vezuvius ash was heaped on him. Herculaneumot inundated it with the falling mud arriving from the mountainsides and a pebble, and some 25 metres of tall layer buried it under it.They buried his Pompeji city and his neighbourhood primarily since the winds blew the spurted vulcanian substances into a southeastern direction thick ash and under a rapilli layer. Herculaneum settled down in Vezuvius western side, the initial phase of the eruption of the volcano affected the city slightly only so, the lava preserved the city for the posterity though. With what Herculaneum one more metre lava flow covered it, his accurate place onto centuries sank into oblivion, and it was discovered on the front of the 1700 years again only. The systematic excavations from 1738 they began. The first creations on the front of the 18. century, Bourbon Károly a king's reign they turned up from a discovery tunnel dug on his time, but the latter decades his solider archaeological researches enriched the collection with considerable discoveries scientifically. In Herculaneum Europe afflicting, the cultural places makes honourable work amidst an economic crisis chasing into a big source extraction disproportionally the Herculaneum Conservation Project, that Los altoian (California) Packard Humanities Institute, the Roman one British School and came into existence duly for the local heritage defenders' cooperation.Compared with Pompeji where local clerks struggle for it, that the little, from a governmental support of which use was made badly the possible one most are produced in the interest of the avoidance of the ancient city's additional decay, Herculaneum one of the sample examples of the successful heritage protection programs.

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